“…real estate is not a number crunching exercise but is a series of problem solving opportunities which interface practical tools of applied social science with every major issue of our time in terms of the conservation of both our people and our natural resources.” – James A Graaskamp

Ahead of his time, Professor Graaskamp understood the need for maintaining a balance between consumption and conservation. Our focus at Hanging Gardens revolves around maximizing the utilization of our world’s most precious resource: fresh water. We believe that utilizing stormwater management solutions integrated with natural landscapes help create sustainable developments. This ecological approach to stormwater mitigation may require intensive, multi-agency planning efforts, but in the long term it will provide an improved quality of life. Implementation of this philosophy fosters the economically viable and environmentally sound future that Graaskamp envisions in his lectures.

In order to provide the highest quality service to our customers, we have founded a unique company with many solutions. Currently there are many manufacturers in the stormwater management industry that produce different monitoring systems, irrigation systems, drainage/retention board and substrate configurations, growth media, and a cornucopia of planting materials for green roofs. In most cases, a client has to contact multiple providers to procure all the components for a complete system. By providing all system components under one roof, Hanging Gardens is able to offer the industry’s largest product line with the highest quality systems at the most affordable rates. From green roof media to recycled water irrigation systems, we offer our clients the most sophisticated stormwater management solutions in the marketplace.