HG 3130 - Cold Reinforced Rubber

Our Cold Applied, Reinforced Rubber Modified system is a fully-adhered monolithic waterproofing assembly comprised of reinforcement sheet and adhesive primers. The system is designed as a cold-applied alternative to our Hot Rubberized Asphalt system, on projects where melters are impractical.

Our Cold Reinforced Rubber system:

prevents the passage of liquid water between the membrane and concrete substrates under dynamic, static, continuous, or intermittent hydrostatic pressure

is an “all season” system that can be installed anytime between 0 degrees F and 100 degrees F as a cold process, unheated application

resists deteriation from common identified chemical exposure and resists root penetration

is engineered to be installed on fresh “green” concrete, eliminating typical 28 day curing periods and the expense of curing agents

can be applied quickly, with high quality results, in a wider range of circumstances than other options

Tech Data Sheet

tech data sheet

Cold Reinforced Rubber