Research & Development
Hanging Gardens’ line of 400+ products has been a process of evolution. For nearly a decade, our team has scoured the earth to locate and develop the best value green infrastructure solutions for stormwater management. We continue this search for additional state of art technologies today. At present, we are assisting many municipalities with the existing technologies that we have already brought to market. Through the implementation of pilot projects we are redefining their green infrastructure programs and creating performance based standards in tandem. These solutions now provide them with tools to ensure that their investments are well run and maintained, while also reducing the burden of stormwater on aging sewer infrastructure.

We are always interested in hearing more about new technologies and products that will further stormwater management in urban environments. If you are a vendor or manufacturer that is interested in partnering with the largest marketing organization for green infrastructure for stormwater management products, please see below if the following applies to your organization:

• Do you provide a state of art technology/product for stormwater management that you are looking to market nationally?
• Are your prototypes, testing and research completed and available for review?
• Do you have the capacity to produce at levels to meet commercial construction needs?
• Do you wish to have a flexible partnership with Hanging Gardens to support the growth of your business?

If you are able to answer “Yes” for all of the above, please contact Hanging Gardens at 877-266-0015 or by e-mail at: