HG 3140 - Elastomeric Modified Built-Up

Our Elastomeric Modified Built-Up waterproofing system offers the elastomeric properties of single ply systems with the time proven redundancy and abuse resistance of Built- Up roofing technology.

Our Elastomeric Modified Built-Up system:

combines SEBS rubber polymer with a highly select grade of unoxidized asphalt to produce a waterproofing material with exceptional self-healing properties, excellent toughness, tenacity, adhesion, fatigue resistance, and flexibility especially at cold temperatures

provides superior performance and durability, even in the presence of ponded water and severe climate variations due to encapsulation of the asphalt in the polymer matrix

has self-healing properties in moderately warm temperatures (> 60 degrees F) that allow it to absorb stress, recover, and form a seal around a puncture

is commonly known as the “bullet-proof roof”, a four- ply configuration is the toughest roof available and can literally stop a 22 caliber speeding bullet

has reduced odor due to the polymer content; odor masking products are also available

Tech Data Sheet

tech data sheet

Elastomeric Modified Built-Up