HG 8140 - Growth Media Testing

In a market with many new and unproven stormwater mitigation technologies, the importance of testing and monitoring is imperative for quality control and project endurance. This is even more important given the perceived free will of contractors to value engineer specified materials in an attempt to lower the project costs. It is paramount in this fledgling industry that value engineering is not synonymous with the compromising of the intended design. That said, regulated testing of these systems through the life cycle of a project will provide for more successful outcomes.

These testing methods should involve third party testing and data logging regardless of the system or project that is being measured. Hanging Gardens partners with numerous testing facilities depending on what necessary product testing is required for a project.

Specific to vegetative roof growth media testing, we follow both ASTM and FLL (European Testing Methods). Samples for testing should be completed prior, during construction, and after construction of projects to ensure the continuity of the materials, water used, and additional advanced controls.

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Growth Media Testing

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