HG 3120 - Hot Rubberized Asphalt

Our Hot Rubberized Asphalt system is a fully-adhered monolithic waterproofing, without seams or joints. The system is reinforced with a polyester fabric for extra toughness and redundancy.

Our Hot Rubberized Asphalt system:

withstands constant water immersion and hydrostatic pressure

provides long-term physical stability in an environment of water, fertilizers, chlorides, and mild acids

is high abuse resistant and has self-healing properties in moderately warm temperatures (> 60 degrees F)

can be applied in cold weather (to 0 degrees F) on a frost-free surface

is unaffected by adverse weather immediately after installation, due to its tenacious bond to the substrate

has a fast, one coat application, allowing it to be protected and open to other trades in minutes

Tech Data Sheet

tech data sheet

Hot Rubberized Asphalt