HG 6504 - Pre-Vegetated Module- 4”

Our Pre-Vegetated Module - 4” comes complete with fully grown vegetation, growing media, filter fabric, mineral drainage and water reservoirs. Each module includes 8-10 of the varieties specified, designed to thrive in varying roof microclimates.

Pre-Vegetated Modules - 4” offer many advantages:

includes a built-in channel for air flow and/or irrigation supply

deep reservoirs help the system maximize stormwater retention and provide moisture for plants

has optional interlocking fasteners to connect adjacent modules together, protecting them from wind uplift

eliminates the need for edge restraints when creating vegetation-free zones since its integrated edges with filter fabric is enough to contain the growing media

flexibility to be installed on flat or pitched roofs with an installation rate of 860 ft2 per day per person

Tech Data Sheet

tech data sheet

Tech Data Sheet