HG 6310 - Standard Sedum Blanket

Fully Vegetated Sedum Mats are an instantaneous landscape. Our Sedum Mats come with a standardized plant palette that works amazingly from USDA plant zones 2-7. Each blanket includes five to eight of the varieties specified to provide all season interest, maximum color, shade tolerance, or durability.

Standard Sedum Mats offer many advantages:

the sebaceous Sedum plants are adept at storing water in their leaves, making them extremely suitable for varying weather conditions

can be installed on both flat or pitched roofs, as well as on-grade ground cover for areas that are difficult to plant or maintain

is simple and light to install with installation rates as high as 500 ft2 per man hour

the coconut fiber base assures effective rooting of the plants to the underlying growth media

minimal maintenance requirements once established

Tech Data Sheet

tech data sheet

Tech Data Sheet