HG 3495 - Type EC: Cleartak

Our Type EC: Cleartak is utilized for the stabilization of low slope green roofs, bioinfiltration swales and standard roadside embankments.

Specific to this product, it:

is a breathable, water absorbing product that sustains its erosion control for up to a year

doesn’t degrade over ten or so precipitation or irrigation events, like most hydrospray products

bonds with growth media to create a porous surface which accepts rain water, but resists wind erosion

requires very little water for activation (about 5-10 gallons / 100 ft2) and will begin to gel within 12 hours

has a milky appearance when freshly applied, but is virtually invisible when dry

contains no calcium chloride or P.A.M. (polyacrylamide)

Tech Data Sheet

tech data sheet

Type EC Cleartak