HG 3422 - Type T: Shear Sill

The Type T System is designed for vegetative roofs with pitches ranging from 15 to 45o. The Type T System consists of:

• HG 3410 - Grip Drain & Retain Mat • HG 3421 - Type T: Sill Stopper
• HG 3422 - Type T: Shear Sill
• HG 3423 - Type T: Connector

• HG 3424 - Type T: Anti-Slip Cleat

Specific to this product, it:

runs perpendicular to the roof slope over the Grip Drain & Retain Mat from the eave to the roof peak

has 1 1/2” deep slots at each end for interlocking with Sill Stoppers at the appropriate maximum distance and spacing dimensions, in accordance with the roof slope and structure height

is easily cut using standard wood-working tools

Tech Data Sheet

tech data sheet

Type T Shear Sill