HG 1300 - Design Integration

The Design Integration process is the most intricate service that we offer. In our efforts to create the most efficient and resilient systems that are currently offered in North America for the best price possible, we saw an important need to utilize products that have been proven time and time again. After a decade of searching the globe for products that have a proven track record, we have assembled a catalogue of over 300 products that are the basic building blocks to our line of stormwater management systems. Our design team is expertly trained in the specifics of each product we offer, and how each contributes to the system as a whole. It is through this unique expertise that we set ourselves apart as a company. Our staff of trained architects collaborate with a client’s architectural design team, or the client themselves, to help design, specify, and achieve a completely unique system that achieves what our client is looking for. We let our clients dream up the vision for green infrastructure and stormwater management on their project, and we take care of the specifics and the logistics to make that vision happen.