HG 1400 - Grant Procurement

Our staff of forward thinkers wants to see your project be a success from the start, and we will do anything we can along the way to help. With our clients always in our best interests, and a strong belief that stormwater management will be a key means to ensure the health and sustainable future of our precious water resources, we wanted to find a way to show our clients that their dedication to stormwater management does not go unnoticed. It is through this innate desire to better ourselves and our built environments through our clients’ project that our grant procurement team was born.

Hanging Gardens rises above just your average product supplier and system designer, we are proactive doers. Our team of stormwater management experts have a knack for finding projects that we think can make a bold testament to the possibilities of the future that green infrastructure holds in our cities. We find unique opportunities to save our clients money through our grant procurement team. After the Custom Design Integration Session takes place, we will have a great idea of the potential that your project holds. Our clients are our livelihood, and we want to help them take advantage of a few of the financial incentives in the marketplace for green infrastructure and stormwater management.

Contact a Hanging Gardens representative today to learn more about grant opportunities, and to find out if your project might be eligible!