HG 1600 - Maintenance/ Monitoring

After installation, your project enters a crucial time period that can determine whether or not it succeeds. During the following months after installation, it is important to make sure the ecosystem is functioning at peak performance, and that weeds or other threatening factors are kept at bay. However, we kow that maintenance means time and money, and often times several sets of eyes and ears on site. To solve that problem, we introduce Greenformation®, a high-tech monitoring system that requires minimal effort to ensure maximum system vitality. Through a series of system monitoring components such as 24/7 feed cameras, soil moisture monitors, leaf wetness sensors, and interactive websites for data reporting, we are able to bring you a fully comprehensive monitoring system, without even having to set a pair of boots on the roof.

Hanging Gardens also comes prepared with a well-rounded toolkit to determining the current state of a system for remediation consulting. Through our offerings of roof membrane leak detection, Greenformation®, and comprehensive growth media testing, we are able to paint a clear picture of the current state of your project, and any maintenance efforts that may need to be performed to get things up and running again. Hanging Gardens also offers on-site consulting for projects without automated maintenance services, and will provide owners with a comprehensive report outlining their findings, and advised methods of action for remediation.