Fertile Roof Green Roof Medias
Green roof media is the lifeblood of every green roofing system. Poorly designed growth medias have a high probability of failure and often kill the vegetation within a couple years. Hanging Gardens takes a proactive approach to media design and considers the site characteristics, drainage or retention requirements, planting palette and load restrictions when recommending media for a project. We have eight engineered flagship blends that work for most projects; however we have considerable experience designing custom blends for project with unique requirements. We encourage you to work with us on your next green roof project so you too can enjoy in the successes that we have had with our green roof growing medias on your projects as well.

A properly designed engineered growth media is crucial to ensure a thriving rooftop oasis. Our growth media uses natural and recycled materials designed for high water retention capacity while maintaining lightweight properties. The Fertile Roof media supplies the essential nutrients and oxygen to foster a sustainable rooftop garden. This media is the Midwest’s most successful green roof media for all types of green roof systems (extensive, semi-intensive or intensive). For projects with non-standard green roofing plantings, please contact us to design a customized blend targeted specifically for your plant palette. We offer media in both 2 C.Y. Supersacks® and bulk.

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