Sky Harvester™

A complete water harvesting system gathers water from one or more building locations, including the rooftop, parking lot and cooling tower. The system stores the water supply in a custom tank, then filters and pumps it for reuse.

Your clients demand an efficient water management system that offers the most in water savings and rate of return. You need a convenient, specifiable system with a proven track record – a product that meets LEED building requirements, as well as your own standards. Recognizing a need for improved water
conservation in both new and existing building projects, Watertronics developed the SkyHarvester system. SkyHarvester provides a single-source solution for every step of the water management cycle, from system design and manufacturing to installation supervision and long-term support. The SkyHarvester team provides architects, consultants and engineering firms with full-service systems for their clients. And their customers are seeing the return – in the health of their plants and landscaping, and in year-round savings through reduced municipal water needs.

By choosing a SkyHarvester system, you and your client can expect:
• Site-specific design
• Tank capacity that ranges from 5,000 to 1 million gallons
• A user-friendly control panel that integrates with the building’s automation systems
• Web-based remote monitoring and control from anywhere
• Reliable customer service and expert insight from our engineers
• Quantifiable results and water and energy saving

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