Jacob Staffin
Jacob joined the team after graduating from UW-Milwaukee, where he obtained both his MArch and Bachelor of Science in Architecture Degrees. With a focus on ecological and sustainable design, Jacob's academic projects and research centered on how sustainable building practices can be used to revitalize communities; growing from individuals to the larger urban network. In addition, his thesis project explored the net-zero design of an urban high school aimed at both connecting its community and improving student performance by utilizing on-site food growth, energy production, and stormwater management and treatment. As Manager of Hanging Gardens’ Design Integration Team, Jacob brings a detail-oriented mindset in helping clients attain their project's aesthetic, performance, and budgetary goals.
PositionManager of Design Integration
"We're reaching the point where the Earth will have to end the burden we've placed on her, if we don't lift the burden ourselves." - Steven M. Greer