█  █  Brix Apartment Lofts
The hybrid roof at Brix Apartment Lofts, located above a public parking structure, includes an extensive and semi-intensive green roof, as well as 6,000 square feet of blue roof system. The blue roof component increased stormwater retention to 7,710 gallons, passing beneath the green roof substrate, and uses TRITOflex instant-setting liquid rubber membrane. The membrane is water-based with no Volatile Organic Compounds and has the highest FM wind uplift rating. With over 2,000 square feet of pedestal pavers, the roof provides a unique amenity for the residents of the apartment complex and public, with views over Reed Street Yards and the Menomonee River.
LocationMilwaukee, WI
ClientHovde Properties
DesignerThe Kubala Washatko Architects
ContractorTrees on the Move
StatusCompleted - 2015
Size6,425 Square Feet
SystemHybrid Blue/Green Roof