█  █  █  IHS Green Infrastructure Lab
The International High School Green Infrastructure Lab Project, located in the heart of New Orleans will be a precedent setting model showcasing the most technologically advanced products and applications of green infrastructure available on the market today. Featuring a three tiered system the system will be comprised of: 1) upper three-pool blue roof, 2) a three-plot blue-green roof on outside of the science classrooms 3) on grade porous pavement and below ground modular cistern. All tiers will be interconnected through plumbing to flush the blue roof, retain water within the blue-green roof, and then store and/or reuse water within the below ground cistern. In a region plagued by major storm events, the proliferation of green infrastructure will offer New Orleans an evolving toolbox of methods, knowledge, and applications to mitigate stormwater runoff and combined sewage overflows.
LocationNew Orleans, LA
ClientSewage and Water Board of New Orleans, International High School
DesignerHanging Gardens
Size8,800 square feet
SystemBlue/Green Roof