█  Madison Children's Museum
Located in a historic 1930's building, the green roof was integrated into a playscape for the Children's Museum. This intensive green roof includes: pavers on pedestals; granite pathways; 9" to 36" of lush intensive growth media; trees; shrubs; perennials; sodded play areas; waterfall; steppers, green walls; bee hive; and even a chicken coop. The roof also showcases the use of rainwater harvesting and photovoltaic panels. The roof offers dramatic views of the Capitol and nearby Lake Mendota, creating a unique and inviting venue for family, school groups, and private museum events.
LocationMadison, WI
ClientMadison Children's Museum
ContractorPioneer Roofing
StatusCompleted - 2009
Size8,000 Square Feet
SystemHG 2320 - Informal Roof Garden