█  North End Apartments - Phase 2
The North End Phase 2 Plaza Deck is a design/build amenity that was designed by David J Frank Landscaping (DJF). They were tasked with the challenge to work through space and load restrictions in order to meet Mandel Development’s design expectations. This was due to that at the time that Mandel requested assistance from DJF to design and install the space, that the concrete roof deck and waterproofing had already been completed.rnDJF worked directly with Hanging Gardens, LLC to choose the appropriate materials to meet these expectations while still remaining within budget. They chose to use Hanging Gardens IPE tiles and custom concrete pavers on pedestals with fully vegetated Etera Sedum Tile® to soften the look of the plaza deck. The result is an amenity space that the residents of The North End Phase 2 enjoy and use on a regular basis.
LocationMilwaukee, WI
ClientMandel Group
DesignerDavid J. Frank
ContractorDavid J. Frank
StatusCompleted - 2014
Size3,900 Square Feet
SystemHG 2330 - Plaza Deck Garden