█  Reed Street Yards – Bioswales
The Reed Street Yard’s Green Glass™ Project demonstrates the evolution of bioswales science, technology, and performance. Along Freshwater Way, two of the centrally located bioswales within Reed Street Yards have been amended with Green Glass™ “Powered by Biomix Osorb®”. This project is intended to show a visual and volumetric difference in the biomass content of amended and non-ammended bioswales. Through a two-year case study, in conjunction with the Milwaukee Metropolitan Sewerage District, the project is intended to demonstrate that bioswales amended with Green Glass™ provide for a more robust and enduring best management practice. In addition, through soil and water analysis, we hope to show duplicate NSF studies showing the effectiveness of Green Glass at removing a wide array of harmful volatile organic compounds (VOCs) from within the amended bioswales. In doing so, we hope to create a precedent in urban bioswale design and construction which will tangibly reduce toxic compounds from reaching our local waterways.
LocationMilwaukee, WI
ClientCity of Milwaukee
DesignerABS Materials
StatusCompleted 2014 – Testing & Analysis
Size27,000 square feet
SystemHG 2630 - Bioswale