█  Sewerage and Water Board of New Orleans
The city of New Orleans was looking to make a bold statement of sustainability with the Sewer and Water Board green roof design. This rooftop is comprised of five different ecosystems: vines, sedum, native prairie, food roof and wetland. These areas are all strategically planted with species meant to thrive in those habitats. This rooftop brings about a sense of retreat in the big city and offers insight towards the progressive goals the city has to manage storm water with Green Infrastructure methods in the future. Tours organized in conjunction with the Sewer and Water Board and Hanging Gardens will showcase this technology to the general public and will take attendees on a 1-hour exploration of the new urban green space this rooftop has to offer.
LocationNew Orleans, Louisiana
ClientSewerage and Water Board of New Orleans
SystemNative Prairie, Extensive Sedum, Food Roof