█  The Donald and Carol Kress Pavilion at The Egg Harbor Library
The Donald and Carol Kress Pavilion utilized multiple different types of rooftop hardscaping solutions to achieve a modern and sophisticated feel. Available for both public use and private rental, this rooftop space was created as a sanctuary for the community of Egg Harbor and the thousands of visitors that the village welcomes each year. Hanging Gardens' sedum mat borders the concrete paver patios offering a vegetated recluse. Custom engraving, facilitated by Hanging Gardens, bids well wishes for the library and tales of past traditions from longstanding community members and donors for the project. On a warm summer evening, visitors can access the rooftop space through a private set of stairs on the building to oversee sunset on Lake Michigan. For private events, rooftop access is closed off and an internal community space opens out directly to the rooftop allowing guests to roam freely between the spaces.
LocationDoor County, Wisconsin
ClientVillage of Egg Harbor
DesignerHGA Architects
ContractorVosters Custom Brick Paving & Crafts Inc.
SystemHG 5350 Wood Decking, HG 5310 Classic Line Concret